Police have long complained about having to wear body cams due to its effectiveness in catching them planting evidence on suspects, lying about how situations unfolded, and now catching them having sex?

The New York Daily News is reporting that the most recent example of a police body cam catching them in a compromising position came when two on-duty police officers in Brooklyn accidentally recorded their late-night tryst on their police-issued equipment.

Multiple sources say that police are looking into the footage, which seems to have recorded audio of an officer performing oral sex on her male sergeant during a recent midnight shift in East New York, Brooklyn.

Both cops, who were assigned to the 75th Precinct, have yet to be disciplined, sources said.

An NYPD spokeswoman said these claims were under “internal review” and investigators were reviewing the body camera footage.

Well, that’s one way to get ahead in your profession.

While the body cam caught the sex act between the two cops they did try to avoid it when the sergeant in question removed the hardware off his subordinate’s shirt. Unfortunately, in doing so he accidentally turned it on and well, the NYPD got more than they bargained for when reviewing the recordings. Luckily for them there’s not video of the sex act, but the audio caught every sound made by the two.

“It was crystal clear like Bose audio,” the source said.

Bose, y’all. Not Sony. Not Skull Candy. Not even Beats by Dre. Bose!

As of now none of the horny cops have been disciplined but we’re sure they’re dying of embarrassment.

Source: hiphopwired